Nqobile Ndlovu is a witness in a rape case. She could send Brickz to jail for many years. But now he’s fathered a child with her – again. Nqobile has seemingly given him a new lease on life.

Nqobile, who is also Brickz’s estranged wife, allegedly gave birth to a baby boy two weeks ago. Sources said Nqobile fell pregnant a few months after reconciling with the Sweety My Baby hitmaker in their on and off affair. According to the law, Brickz, real name Sipho Ndlovu could spend more than 15 years behind bars if he’s found guilty of rape.

A source said after reconciling, the two love birds moved to Emdeni, in Soweto. They separated after the rape accusations in November 2013, but allegedly got back together early last year. The family source said, ‘We were surprised by the reunion after Nqobile became a key witness in the rape trial against Brickz.’ Nqobile is related to the then 16-year old girl Brickz allegedly r-aped at their Ruimsig home in 2013. It was Nqobile and the girl’s dad who opened the case at the Honeydew police station. Bricks was granted bail on 10 December 2013.

The tjovitjo hitmaker already has a daughter with Nqobile. A second source claimed : ‘They were bonking even during their problems. Nqobile has been supportive of Brickz since the rape case. They’ve bee going out a lot and had no problem being seen in public together.’ Another friend of the kwaito star said , ‘This boy’s playing with fire. I hope he knows what he is doing. If he thinks charges will be dropped, he must think again.’

When contacted for comment, Brickz said ,’whoa whoa sis wami, who gave you all that information? It’s personal stuff I don’t want to share with the media. I don’t have any comment, it wasn’t me who gave you that info.’ Nqobile said : ‘I don’t want to share my personal life with the media and I hope you’ll respect that.’