DURBAN-based kwaito group Big Nuz nearly lost another member over the weekend.
Danger, whose real name is Mzi Tshomela, has been admitted to the Life Entabeni Hospital where he ’s set to undergo an emergency operation today, just months after the death of former member R Mashesha.
The kwaito singer was allegedly stabbed in the cheek by an event promoter known as Dogg, whose real name is Lindo Buthelezi.
“Dogg used to do social media management for Afrotainment, but he’s at DJ Bongz’s Emabalabala Entertainment now,” said the source.
“The argument started when Danger said he didn’t understand why a house DJ won a kwaito award and Dogg became upset,” claimed the witness.
He was referring to DJ Bongz winning the award for best kwaito album at the MetroFM Music Awards.
“Danger said since Dogg left Afrotainment, he had changed. That was when all hell broke loose.”
“I was at the club hosting an event and I had to attend to a lot of people. I do not remember having a fight or stabbing Danger with a bottle,” he said.
DJ Bongz confirmed there was a fight, but said Dogg was only doing freelance work for his company.
“I went to see Danger in hospital, but he was still sedated.
“I’ve spoken to DJ Tira.
“The fight has nothing to do with Emabalabala or Afrotainment.
“We are family.”
When contacted for comment about the incident, Absolute owner Roland Govender said: “I was not at the venue on Sunday.
“I did not see anything and no one brought the incident to my attention.”
Afrotainment founder DJ Tira could not be reached for comment.
Source : Online