The woman who posted a rather provocative image on twitter and invited Jesus to come relax with her enlarged bosom is receiving death threats and angry backlashes from people. Some even wished a slow death and infestation of boils on her body.

Bel Akinyi, a Kenyan socialite unleashed the wrath of Twitter users over the weekend with her update. The curvaceous woman soon became the top trending twitter topic within a few hours of posting the controversial update.

Twitter soon erupted with people from all corners blasting the ‘blasphemous’ woman and some wishing death upon her. The tweet was re-tweeted more than 500 times since it went up on Sunday. The instant ‘fame’ caught her by surprise too and she shared that she did not know she was trending.

The busty woman defended her tweet and other controversial ones on her timeline despite being asked by some angry Christians to ‘take it down’.

The political science student surely knows how to get people talking. Her timeline is full of controversial posts.

Source : iMzansi