BayOne for Africa - Africa's first on-line retailer that directly connects international brands and designers to the continent with a new level of convenience and affordability; is proud to be associated with Winner of the Young Fashion Brand of the Year Award - Closet London

Closet London won the prestigious Drapers Award late last year. Closet London was founded in 1996. The company makes contemporary womenswear that tells a story and are loved for the stylish shapes and stunning prints. The passionate team of designers and pattern-cutters design and make every Closet London garment in London.

''Closet London is growing and it is an exciting time for us as we expand into new territories. We are looking forward to a great relationship with Bay One and discovering a new customer in Africa. At Closet London we are very proud of our British heritage and our support of UK manufacturing. We design and manufacture our garments in London, maintaining a great quality and fast lead times. We have built a strong brand in 20 years of business which we celebrate this year.' Rachel Perrett - Brand Manager 

''As a growing retailer in the on-line space, we are confident that positive associations with respected brands such as Closet London, will bring excitement to the emerging African Market' - Sujatha McMurtrie - Director BayOne for Africa 

The Drapers Award

Drapers is at the heart of the fashion industry and delivers content to help leaders and future leaders in the fashion industry to do their jobs better. Drapers great strength has always been about the community it creates, and that people who rose up through the industry see it as their title - from student to CEO.
The career paths of today’s leaders in fashion show two main things. Firstly, in order to get to the top, each individual has a varied career path that covers buying, merchandising and business operations. Secondly, the individuals rarely move outside of the fashion sector. The crossover in the sector and in individual’s roles within it, in itself demonstrates the need for a title which covers it all and understands the unique challenges the fashion retail sector brings.
With over 129 years of heritage, like the fashion industry Drapers has developed multichannel approach in how we communicate and interact with our audience.  The Drapers brand consists of the weekly magazine, our mobile responsive content website, our three major conferences, four awards programmes, our quarterly CEO dinners and a number of bespoke projects including reports and dinners throughout the year.
In 2015, the Drapers Awards celebrated 25 years of rewarding excellence in retail.  Started in 1991 by Josephine Collins, the Drapers Awards have grown from a small lunch gathering to a major annual event celebrating success from the biggest retailers and brands in the UK and Ireland.
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