Actress Rami Chuene’s childhood was revealed  for the first time after the release of her self-published memoir, We kissed the sun and embraced the moon, last year.
The multi-talented actress, often synonymous with portraying mean characters, opened up and shared her rape and molestation story to encourage other victims to speak up about such social ills.
‘I was raped when I was six years old by a man who was the same age as my dad. I was repeatedly raped by two men I trusted. When I thought I was safe around them,’ she told a weekly newspaper last year. She also discloses that she started healing when she began talking about her ordeal to others. In the book she writes without anger, disgust or bitterness but rather compassion for the perpetrator.
‘I was eight years old then and he couldn’t have been more than 14 years old. He might have known about sex but I doubt he understood anything about violating someone else. here was a boy, barely a proper teenager, who found himself having unknowingly but willingly participated in demeaning and degrading an innocent child,’ the book reads.
‘When writing that part of the book I was already in that mindset; stuff had to be said. I booked myself into a hotel for a few days so as to not disturb my kids. I knew there would be hurtful moments to relive. At times I felt it was too much to deal with but I had to do it. And now that it’s out there, life couldn’t be more beautiful’, she explained.
The actress’ message takes a broad yet effective approach in dealing with s_exual violence.
‘I strongly believe that if we all work towards a society that doesn’t judge and oppress each other, especially our own women, then it makes it easy for us to trust each other. Our communities will not be healthy while we come from sick families. Let’s teach our girls to be brave and fearless, then teach our boys to love, protect and respect them’
Source : Move