HE HAD only been stomping around the dance floor for a few minutes when he slipped and crashed to the floor like a giant sack of potatoes. Some people laughed, others were shocked, some felt sorry for Khulubuse Zuma when he couldn’t get up by himself.
Khulubuse, President Jacob Zuma’s nephew, was at the Amantshontsho ka Maskandi Awards on Saturday night at the ICC Arena in Durban, KZN.
When the sounds of his favourite maskandi duo, Shwi noMtekhala, came on he jumped up and raced onto the dance floor, but within seconds, he tripped and fell.
Two of his friends immediately raced to his rescue, but it was soon clear that, try as they might, they would not succeed.
More people came to his rescue but it still took about10 minutes to get him back to his seat. Khulubuse didn’t seem embarrassed at all.
The SunTeam approached him but was told to go away by his bodyguards.
He was excitedly waiting for his favourite group to scoop an award for best song of the year.
There is no evidence that Khulubuse was drinking.
“Khulubuse is a big fan of Shwi noMtekhala. He paid them double to play at his wedding at Nkandla last year,” said a source. Khulubuse may have embarrassed himself and been laughed at by many in the audience, but he had the last laugh.
When Mjikijelwa Ngubane’s song Ngiyaqhosha Ngiyaqholosha was announced as song of the year, Khulubuse danced in front of the audience shouting: “Who is the boss now?
“Ngiyaqhosha Ngiyaqholosha manje!”
Khulubuse’s spokesperson Vuyo Mkhize told DailySun that Khulubuse falling down was not a mistake.
“Falling down when you are dancing is a part of Zulu traditional culture. Khulubuse never hurts when he falls because he gets overwhelmed by seeing his favourite maskandi performing. President Zuma danced and fell at his wedding with Bongi Ngema and people were shocked,” Vuyo said.

Source : Daily Sun