Mzansi’s favorite soapie Zabalaza’s main actors Ray and Lindiwe are lovers on screen. They always kiss passionately. But the two soap stars seem to have taken their loving roles out of the studio and into real life.
Our sources close to the actors claim Loyiso MacDonald (29), who plays Ray, and Zandile Msutwana, who plays Lindiwe, are in a hotter than hot real relationship. One mole, who is a close friend of Ray’s real wife claimed, ‘These two can’t keep their hands off each other – even when the camera’s aren’t on’.
Sources close to Loyiso’s wife said the two screen lovers are more than simple soapie colleagues. ‘Loyiso is married to Mathunzi Macdonald, a writer and performing artist,’ a source explained. ‘Mathunzi is from Mpumalanga and works in Witbank. She comes to Joburg on weekends. But Loyiso and Zandile have been helping themselves to each other all week long – on and off screen,’ the source claimed.
This source said Mathunzi first suspected her husband of cheating two years ago , but only got the confirmation she needed last year. Claimed the source, ‘When Loyiso joined Zabalaza, Zandile would throw herself at him. It was disgusting to watch on set. But he used to reject her as he was married and loved his wife. Zandile even tried to be Mathunzi’s friend. I am sure this was in order to get closer to him. The cheating two can be spotted in and around Fourways , the Jozi area where Zandile lives. His car was seen parked at her place’.
The source went on : ‘Loyiso and Mathunzi have been married since 2012 and have no kids. She’s always been there for him and his career, but he really hurt her with this. What does Zandile aim to achieve? She was with Kabomo Vilakazi, but has now moved on to Loyiso. Why would she want to break up a happy home?’
Loyiso’s wife was allegedly pregnant last year and suffered a miscarriage. That was the most painful time of her life – and he wasn’t there for her. She pulled through alone.
‘Even worse, is that since last year they’re not trying to hide anything. It’s an open secret they’re having an affair. Some of us know Mathunzi is uncomfortable with what’s going on. Now that production has stopped, I wonder if they still see each other.’
A third source said :’ Mathunzi was extremely hurt. Her husband used to share everything with her. She’s a strong Christian woman who’s doing well. She won’t give up on her marriage.’ When asked for comment, Mathunzi said : ‘I don’t want to comment on the matter.’
Yesterday Loyiso said : ‘ I don’t comment about my personal life. I think you guys should know that by now. If people are talking , it means we’re doing a good job.’
Zandile said : ‘We play a couple. I’m shocked that people would say that.’ Asked if she is single, she said : ‘I can’t answer that’
Source : Sun