T’ZOZO’S life is hanging by a thread!
Or so he is said to believe . . .
Sunday Sun has been told the kwaito star always carries a 9mm pistol with him in fear of being attacked.
 This comes after T’zozo was allegedly tipped off by a hitman, who claimed he was paid to take the star’s life.
Sunday Sun mole said since the Woz’ eDurban hitmaker ventured into business, he’s made many enemies.
T’zozo, real name Thokozani Zulu, owns T’zozo Project and was the co-founder of TZZ Productions with business man Tate Mchunu.
“It’s an open secret! T’zozo and Tate don’t see eye-to-eye due to a financial dispute that exploded last year. T’zozo received a call from an anonymous hitman informing him his life hangs by a thread.
“The hitman went on to say he should cut his long list of friends in business and entertainment circles as none of them want to see him alive,” claimed the source.
Another source, based in Durban, said the cold war between the two is sowing divisions in the entertainment industry in the Banana City.
Some artists are ganging up with Tate and others are on T’zozo’s camp.
“We don’t want to see this, especially since they’re coming from the same place, Mgababa,” said the source.
Sunday Sun has been told all hell broke loose when Tate accused T’zozo of using TZZ Production’s resources and service providers to benefit T’zozo’s project.
T’zozo will appear in the Durban High Court on 1 March, on charges of using T’ZZ Production resources.
T’zozo said: “I’m not prepared to comment since this matter is in court. I’ll only come out of my shell after the court case.”
Tate said he’s the one who should arm himself.
“If I were violent, I wouldn’t take legal steps against him. I prefer someone who accepts his mistakes – not arrogance.”
Source : SundaySun