Children in Dhaing Village, Nepal have to pull themselves across this terrifying cable bridge every day in order to get themselves to and from class. Not only children but also adults who have no choice. It is a lifeline for the residents, who face danger every day in order to go shopping for basic amenities or meet friends and family who live on the other side of the Trishuli River.

The villagers have to sit in either a basic loop of fabric or a small ramshackle wooden crate and operate the flimsy cable by hand. Crossers have lost fingers operating these cables, while in 2010, five people fell into the Trishuli River after a cable snapped & passed away.

Nepal's Prime Minister KP Oli recently announced a plan to replace the dangerous cable crossings with suspension bridges in the surrounding area but in the meantime Dhaing residents have no choice but to continue transportating themselves using these ropes.