Under fire Minister of Sports, Fikile “Mbaks” Mbalula,is now blaming the devil for his nu_ude pic scandal on social networking website Twitter.
Last week, a saucy picture of Nigerian singer, Maheeda, appeared on his Twitter page.
The Nigerian belle is shown spreading her thighs and flaunting her covered pu_nani.
The minister had a very hard time with damage control as he sought to explain how the selfie appeared under his Twitter handle.
It was the Devil who did it, he insisted, saying his account had been hacked.
He tweeted: uSathane is alive – but he won’t win.
He later started praying in tongues on his timeline and called “FIRE! FIRE!” on those who hacked his account.
Mbalula spent most of Thursday night and part of Friday morning trying to clear his name among his 400 000 followers.
A quick internet search revealed that the picture was posted by Maheeda in 2014. It so happens she is notorious for posting nu_de pictures and videos of herself on Twitter.
It is possible that Minister might have downloaded and saved the picture for his ‘archives’ and inadvertently shared it with his followers.
Mbaks’s followers roasted the poor Minister claiming he had deliberately posted the picture himself.
Like sharks in a feeding frenzy, dozens of commentators swam into cyberspace, grinning as they showed their sharp Twitter teeth.
@iAmThatGuy tweeted: Mbalula saying his account was hacked sounds like King Dalindyebo saying someone sneaked weed into his prison cell while sleeping. PLEASE!”
‏@pedroiuel wrote: Just don’t drink and tweet, simple!
‏@paulmatena tweeted: You can change your password 100,52 million times. Hao jola wajola. Just apologise to your family.
‏@MasindiNet tweeted fiercely: Nonsense, that wasn’t a hack. Cheating on your wife again and now u wanna blame it on some 3rd force. Disgraceful.”
‏@Barry_Roux wrote: This is Fikile. Fikile uploaded a nu_de. Fikile jumped like Undertaker to delete it. Don’t be like Fikile Mbalula.
@PatMdluli: So, Fikile Mbalula tweeted a nu_de woman picture last night by mistake, and claim his account was hacked. Naughty Mbaks.”
‏@goomede3 posted: Fikile Mbalula must go back to sleep before he tweets another nu_de. #NoAccountWasHacked.
@KMalatji wrote: Mbalula has ruined the nu_de acquisition industry for gents now. Took us 2 years back, so much ground lost to an irresponsible gnome, mxim
‏@FigoMadridismo tweeted: Mbalula twitpiced the nu_de by mistake, he prolly was just going through his nu_des collection. Smartphones with their touch screens.
Reached for a comment Minister Mbalula  said: “No comment!”