South Africans, it’s not the whites oppressing you, it’s the privileged and rich blacks driving this “white oppressors” slogan, causing hatred and inflaming racial conflict between races in both the middle class and the poor.
These rich black guys use this to pocket more from the cream top, whilst the “fights” are carried out on ground level. The rich are getting richer and get the support of the masses, because they being fooled by stating it is the whites oppressing them. This is just a front and a dream being fed that you can also be rich if you take what was yours to be from the start. Bias !
When black and white people do realize this, SA will calm down and the real issues will be looked at. Issues like that the rich blacks and their friends are corrupted. Companies need to be BBEEE validated and enforced to tip the ratio – yet another fear tactic of the rich to deviate away from the rich controlling and enriching themselves even more.
Companies and businesses should not be dictated by the “mafia” A free economical system should give them and the consumer the choice of a free market place. I say: Stop the BBEEE Stop the spreading of the whites are privileged. Stop the corruption. Stop the bullshit.
I am a South African, part of the minority. I have the same right as my fellow patriots in this country I was born in. I do not own land. I do not have a company. I do not own a house. I do not have a steady income. I am also seeking employment. I also go to bed hungry. I also have kids that need to be educated in their home language. I also have dreams and hopes I also want the above, just like you – may you be White, Black, Coloured, or Indian.
I want to be treated equally and have equal rights. I do not want to be controlled by the minority rich dictators in this country. I was born free, yet, I am forced to be lead like a sheep to the slaughter, by the minority corrupt people in our country. I say this must be stopped. I demand that I will not accept any man rule over my fate, than myself.
Bill Harington