A 62-year old Madala, Mshiyeni Phungula is now gatvol of his 82-year old sugar mama, Elsina Mkhize because she is a gold digger.
Madala Mshiyeni said since he stroked and developed asthma three years ago, Elsina no longer looks after him.
His family said Elsina keeps him for his pension.
When Mshiyeni moved in with Elsina in Folweni, KZN 15 years ago, they were madly in love.
Now he said he wants to be with his family in Ixopo, KZN.
Mshiyeni’s family said Elsina got a protection order to stop them from entering her house.
Madala said: “She only bathes me when it’s pension day.
“After collecting money from the pension point, she goes drinking and leaves me nothing to eat.”
His nephew Sbonelo Phungula (36) said Elsina chased them away when they went to fetch him.
Gogo Elsina said they must leave her alone.
“Mshiyeni loves me,” she said.
“He refused to go because I take good care of him.
“They want my man as they are after his pension. He is not going anywhere.”
Councillor Senzangakhona Shange said he would ask social workers to intervene.
Ncumisa Fandesi, spokeswoman for social development, said the problem must be reported to Nsimbini social workers and the madala’s family must open a police case.
Source:Daily Sun