Shocking reports doing rounds on the internet, are pointing to a controversial invention by Russian Scientists.
Multiple websites have relayed information, citing Moscow News as the source of reports that a Russian laboratory has invented a way to remove the “black skin” layer on Africans and make them ‘white’.
Even though there are a number of health risks associated with this new controversial procedure, some believe that thousands of immigrants are trying to integrate into Russia by matching the skin color of the local people.
The process to remove the black is reportedly, fairly simple. The patient is required to soak in a mixture of oxytane and benzadiazepine for approximately six hours before the layer is peeled off. What will they think of next?!
The laboratory at the origin of the discovery has already announced that 254 people have been ‘treated’ by this method amidst stiff opposition by human rights watchdogs and many black people who feel this is white conspiracy to swallow the race of black people.