It’s shocking that publicity loving pair, Kanye West and his wife, Kim Kardashian haven’t displayed their son, Saint’s photo either for their own personal social media profiles or even sold the first photo to anyone despite it being almost two months since the pair welcomed the baby. Isn’t it baffling? Well, according to Blindgossip, it’s either of these two reasons.

The first reason is Kanye and Kim wanted to sell the photos but for a frighteningly huge amount which was not forthcoming. They also could not agree on the cover (they wanted both). Now, the pair find it really embarrassing to have to lower their demands, so now they need to figure out a different way to release the photos.

Secondly, it’s understood that Kim and Kanye have been hiding the baby even from some people who are close to the family. Why? It’s being said that there was a physical
problem that needed to be corrected and that’s why they were in the hospital a few days. It’s also being given as the reason why nobody in the family used the word “healthy” to describe the baby right after the birth. They have been stalling on the public unveiling because they wanted to wait until the problem was fixed.

Remember Kim Kardashian spoke about not enjoying pregnancy and had a complicated birth due to suffering from placenta accreta – when the placenta grows too deeply into the uterus. Kim’s doctor even needed extra hours to deal with the placenta issues but she still managed to have a natural birth instead of a c-section.

It’s understood that the reason the new parents decided upon the religious name as they wanted to show how much of a “blessing” their son is after Kim’s “difficult pregnancy” .(According to E!)

Whatever the true reason may be, hopefully their fans will eventually see Saint whether with any deformity or not and still love him.