Veteran gospel megastar Rebecca Malope opens up about suffering a miscarriage when she was younger.
In a new radio interview with Gareth Cliff on Cliff Central, Malope details her miscarriage heartbreak.
According to Malope she was told that she could not have kids, but miraculously fell pregnant and sadly suffered a miscarriage.
“I did feel bad because, at that time, when your siblings have passed on and your mother is no more, you feel like you are alone, you know… I needed someone, I needed a friend. This child would be my friend,” Malope points out.
“I remember running away from the hospital and saying ‘doctor you’re crazy, you are not taking out my baby.’ ‘But you have to go to theatre now’, he said. I said, ‘No ways’… I didn’t reach home; I had to go back again, because the pain was like crazy.”
“But after that I said to myself ‘let me accept that I might not have one.’ But here I am, God has blessed me with beautiful kids. My sister has left me with beautiful kids. God knew I would not have my own, so that’s why I have these ones.”
Malope’s sister Cynthia left her with three kids – a boy and two girls – after she was tragically shot dead by her boyfriend.
“They were very young back then. Now they are all through with school and they are working,” Malope adds.