He is at it again and it seems he can’t stay away from controversy, Financial and health issues have been plaguing this actor for a while now.
Numerous stories have surfaces claiming heartthrob Melusi Yeni moved back home to KZN because he was out pocket and he was also reportedly hospitalised at one time.
Towards the end of last year, we were led to believe that the popular actor was back on track and ready to work on e.tv’s hit show. Rythm City(Melusi makes a comeback, 3 December 2015).
However it is alleged that his part in the popular soapie has reached its end. “Melusi Yeni’s contract has come to an end and it will not be renewed,” a source tell us. “He has already shot his exit scenes, so his last appearance is scheduled for month end(February end)
Drama seems to follow Melusi wherever he goes. In 2014, things fell apart when a woman came forward and said he fathered a child with her.
The former Muvhango star denied the child was his a but a DNA test proved that he was indeed the dad.
While that cleared up, he was hauled into court for failing to pay maintenance.
At the time, he told the Randburg Magistrate’s court that he was unable to afford the amount of money that his baby mama was demanding as he had left Muvhango and no longer had a steady and reliable income.
However we are told his is still chasing after women. “He has’t been working for Rythm City that long but he is already starting to be too friendly with the ladies even onset,” another source reveals. “He sometimes comes to work smelling of alcohol.
“It seems he hasn’t learned from the hardships he has gone through. This is a second chance for him to get his life back on track but he is not making use of it”
We are also informed that the Soapie’s producers were considering prolonging his stay on the show,” because he is an accomplished actor”. But they decided against it, “because he can’t behave himself”.
The contact told us that the former Generations Star still likes to party.
“He still likes the party lifestyle-girls and the bottle-a lot. He should be focusing on getting back on his feet and staying away from controversy. Some of his colleagues worry about him especially after everything he has been through.” When he started shooting scenes for the Soapie, everyone was happy that he had finally got his life back,” the source adds.
“We hoped that we would not read anything about him in the media again. But it appears it has not turned out that way. He would do really well if he stopped behaving like this.
A third source says Melusi has no plan of action after his exit from the Soapie. “I wonder where he is going after rhythm City because it doesn’t look like he as a Plan B after this short stint. But let’s hope he has something up his sleeve because if not, he could go back to where he was not so long ago.
The actor has hopped from one Soapie to the next. He was axed from his role as a big shot lawyer, Phenyo Dhlomo, in Generations in December 2013. He then joined Muvhango where he played the sought after Doctor, Pat.
But he was not given a boot from that show too, reportedly due to the baby scandal and for forgetting his lines.
Rhythm City was his comeback but it seems he might have blown it.
However, e.tv’s General Manager of Group Communications, Matlapulana Ragoasha says it was a short-term role.
“Melusi’s character, Thabiso, was only scheduled to be in Rythm City from January to February. The writers have left it open for the character to come back in the future.”
Will Melusi be given another chance to prove himself? We will have to wait and see.
Numerous attempts were made to contact Melusi for comment but he could not be reached in time.