TSHWANE Metro Police chief Steve Ngobeni has been accused by one of his subordinates of bonking his wife and destroying his marriage.
This comes after metro police official Nicholas Mahlangu was suspended early this year after he was convicted of armed robbery.
But Mahlangu, a member of the presidential unit, claims there’s more to his suspension than meets the eye.
He claimed that he was suspended because he was a stumbling block to his boss.
Mahlangu also accused his boss of double standards, saying Ngobeni was arrested for speeding, a case which left him with a criminal record.
“The chief of police has a romantic relationship with my wife and it has been going on for a while. People were talking, but I didn’t suspect anything because I didn’t have proof,” he said.
Ngobeni denied Mahlangu’s accusations that he was sleeping with his wife. “It’s not true. That man is not normal and I think what triggered this is because I suspended him,” he said.
He said it was not the first time that Mahlangu accused him of having an affair with his wife.
In September last year he also accused one of my directors of sleeping with his wife and then … called the director and apologised after he was asked to produce evidence to prove his allegations.
After that he then changed his mind and started accusing me of sleeping with his wife.”
He said Mahlangu’s suspension had nothing to do with his criminal record but with the alleged use of his official gun at an armed robbery in Limpopo.
“I have 100 members with criminal records and none of them has been fired. Mahlangu did not disclose the reasons why he went to Modimolle with his official firearm. We assess individual cases and there is no general rule that fits everyone. I did not create the problem, my case cannot be compared with the others.”

Police Boss Steve Ngobeni
Mahlangu’s wife, Joyce Mogale, who is also a metro cop, said her husband was not in his right state of mind. “You should not take him seriously, he is not well in his mind. How can I sleep with my boss? It doesn’t make sense.”
She said Mahlangu was a violent and abusive man who forced her out of their house in Pretoria North.
Psychologists said he is obsessed with me and I want nothing to do with him. He packed my bags and kicked me out of the house in June 2014 and threatened to kill me if I didn’t leave.”
Mogale said her estranged husband was using Ngobeni as a scapegoat for his own mistakes.
He is twisting things. My boss does not even know where I stay. He [Mahlangu] is the one who was seeing other women. I found him several times at our house with women. He is not a victim here. I have never cheated on him,” she said.
But Mahlangu was adamant that his wife was unfaithful and slept with Ngobeni behind his back. He said he started being suspicious when his boss started enquiring about his work shifts and where he was posted.
He used to call people to find out where I’m posted when I was still working for the freeway unit. After that he would go to my house. Luckily I had tenants at the house and they told me that there’s a man who comes to the house every time I work night shift and he looked like my boss.”
Mahlangu said when he confronted his wife, she packed her bags and left for 11 months.
When she came back, she was sleeping in a different room. Sometimes she will even speak to the chief in my presence and that s when I fought with her. A day later, I arrived at the office and I was given a letter of intention to suspend me,” he said.
He said he smashed her cellphone out of anger” after discovering SMS exchanges between her and Ngobeni.
I assaulted her and broke some things and she ran to the police and opened a case of assault against me,” he said.
He said when the case was withdrawn he arrived home and found police who told him his wife said she cannot live with him anymore. “I was escorted like a criminal out of a house that I helped to buy. It’s a joint bonded house, but I was kicked out.”
Source:Sunday World