Drama unfolded in the Northern Cape capital Kimberley after a man got stuck inside another man’s wife during the hide your sausage in my honeypot game.
Intel on our radar suggest that the woman is married to a Malawian man who also happens to be a truck driver. The Malawian man is said to have been told of his wife’s leg opening antics each time he went away on job duty, he decided to set a muti trap for her. To make matters worse, the man who got stuck is said to be a family friend and usually frequents local shabeens with the Malawian man whose wife he was poking.
The incident attracted curious onlookers comprising of neighbors and passersby.
The rare occurrence in intercourse is called Penis captivus but many in Africa believe its black magic.
One tech savvy twitter user was quick to share the image which undoubtedly went viral
He captioned the picture: “This guy in Kimberley decided to mess with someone’s wife. And Now ‘They are stuck”.
According to onlookers and legend, only the husband is able to release the two. When the Malawian man was contacted, he professed ignorance saying he was busy and would deal with the matter upon his return as he was on his way to Zambia with a load. He said he should be back by 3 March.