Phat Joe’s domestic worker said she had to clean her boss’s used c0ndoms. And she claimed it went on for five hard years. Until he allegedly ditched her for a woman who works for less.
Nontembiso Vumazonke claimed she was fired by the suspended Metro FM Dj in December after five years of faithful service. And she says he did it via sms. There were no explanations, she claimed. She said Joe ignored her when she wanted to know the reason for her dismissal. Now Nontembiso wants her previous employer to pay her R160 000. This week, Nontembiso was tracked down and she spilled the beans on her former boss.
Nontembiso claimed Phat Joe didn’t register her at the UIF during the fie years she worked for him. He lives in Cape Town. Nontembiso said, ‘he is ungrateful. I ironed and washed eveything, including his undies. I’ve been cleaning his dirty linen and removing used c0ndoms from the floor for five years and now he must treat me fairly!’. She added, ‘I sent him an SMS to inform him I was going for my regular check-up at a clinic. I have high blood pressure, so I had to go and collect medication. I didn’t want to skip my day at the clinic , so I sent him a text message to let him know’
‘In response he texted that he’d be moving out of Rockwell at the end of December so that would be the last month I’d work for him’ Nontembiso added, ‘But a person who lives nearby told me that Phat Joe didn’t move out and he has a new helper from Zimbabwe who’s working for less that he paid me’
After Joe failed to answer her call, Nontembiso reported him to the Domestic Workerss Union. Yesterday Sindiswa Ningiza of the SA Domestic Services and Allied Workers’ Union said, ‘We’ve been trying to get hold of Phat Joe but he’s nowhere to be found. ‘We’ve sent text messages and left several voicemails but he hasn’t responded.
Source : Online