EVERYONE wants to know when Pearl Modiadie is going to tie the knot.

The radio personality got engaged in December to Nkululeko, but is yet to announce a wedding date.

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However, the reason for that is because she needs to do something for her father before any walking down the aisle happens.

Pearl told ZAlebs when asked about a wedding date: "I'm actually not sure yet. My family has been asking, my fiance has been asking, my friends have been asking! There is a personal goal I have set before I set the wedding date. It is going to benefit my father dearly and I feel like I need to do that first before I move into this new phase of my life."

What could that be???

Pearl also admitted that she is keen on throwing a massive wedding - the type little girls dream of.

When asked about the type of wedding she wants, she added: "Traditional! That has to be done. With the white wedding - over the top! Everything I ever imagined as a little girl will be in the wedding. It is going to be big - I have a HUGE family!."

Just make sure you send us an invite please, Pearl!