In an incident that has left the world fuming and wondering what happened to common decency, a Japanese hospital unreservedly apologised on  Thursday after a technician who works in the hospital took stills of a miscarried foetus with his smartphone and unashamedly uploaded them to his Twitter account, local media reported.
The technician in 2014 tweeted three pictures of the miscarried early stage foetus, as well as the placenta of the mother who was a patient at the hospital in western Japan.  The technician, whose name was not released, did not disclose any information that could identify the patient, the reports said, and his Twitter account has been taken down.
“We’re deeply, deeply sorry,” Jun Tanouchi, director of Osaka Rosai Hospital, said at a press conference, parts of which were shown on TV news programmes.  The technician told the hospital he had wanted to “raise public awareness” about the unborn, a hospital executive said at the press conference.
The hospital is reportedly considering filing a criminal complaint against him for leaking clinical information and damaging its credibility.  The hospital apologised to the patient, but she told them she is “angry“, according to the Asahi Shimbun.