Former Orlando Pirates captain and Bafana Bafana midfielder Oupa Manyisa has allegedly been keeping a big marital secret for over seven years.

This comes after he learnt that his wife Johanna Louw had "forgotten" to tell him that she had a son with another man before they got married in 2013.

Sunday World understands that Manyisa discovered after getting married to his wife that she had a child from her previous relationship.

The information was revealed after Manyisa's close friends, including an official who is part of his management team, told him about the existence of the child.

The informant claimed that Louw had told Manyisa that the child was her aunt's when they were still dating in high school.

But Manyisa said he knew about the child before walking down the aisle with his sweetheart.

"I knew all along and I asked her about it and she told me everything about it. It's not true that we were already married when I discovered that information," he said.

The Buccaneers midfielder, who graduated from Harold "Jazzy Queen" Legodi's soccer academy before joining Pirates, said he does not know the father of the child.

"I never bothered to ask her about that. Besides it's a family matter," he said.

His friends, however, are singing from a different hymn book.

They allege that Manyisa was told when he was still dating Louw that she had a child but he ignored them.

The friends say Manyisa only knew about the child after Louw fell pregnant with his baby in 2013.

"She brought the baby to their house and broke the news to him that the child was hers," said a member of Manyisa's management team.

Louw confirmed the story but denied that Manyisa only found out about the child after they were married.

"I never hide my child from anybody and Oupa knew about the child," she said.

She said Manyisa knew about the child as soon as they started dating in 2006.

"Oupa's friends at high school told him about the child because they had seen me several times when I was pregnant. But still he didn't have a problem with it," said Louw.

She accused some of Manyisa's friends of trying to meddle in her marriage because they believe she was not good enough for him as she had a child.

"Everybody is just wishing for my downfall. They want Oupa to leave me and our marriage. But they won't succeed because when he is at the house he is a different person. He has limited the time he spends outside because of that. He is now about training and after training he comes straight home. That's our life," she said.

She confirmed that her son lived with her parents and sister before he moved in with them.

Manyisa also spoke to Sunday World about allegations that his wife had slept with a Skeem Sam actor during a trip to Mpumalanga.

He said: "I was told the information before the story was written and I asked her about the trip. She never mentioned anything about the incident only that some boy was flirting with her. She said she had fun, which is what I cared about. But I did not move out of the house because of the story. How could I leave a house that I had bought?" Manyisa said.

Louw confirmed that the sex scandal claim caused tension in their marital home and nearly drove their marriage over the cliff.

"He asked me about the trip as well as the allegations that were doing the rounds that I had slept with someone. I told him everything and that I never slept with that boy. He understood and when he heard that they were doing a story he expected it to be about flirting and not me having sex with anyone. It's not true that he moved out of the house," she said.