Okmalumkoolkat is rotting in Australian Prison for se_xual assault and there is no information or hope that he will be released soon.
30 days after he was incarcerated there is still no official word on his release.
Reports from Australia late last month claimed that the South African rapper had been sentenced to 6 months in prison, 5 of which were suspended, for alleged se_xual assault.
The news had fans and friends scrambling to get further information on the rapper’s condition and what exactly happened.
At the time, Okmalumkoolkat’s management said that ‘limited information’ was available on the incident and stressed for calm.
But that did not stop many in the hip-hop fraternity from voicing their views, including a plea by rapper Reason for fans not to “crucify” Okmalumkoolkat for his actions.
Since then, Okmalumkoolkat’s management and closest friends have remained silent on the matter, only telling The Juice that no new information was available and that they expect him to return to South Africa soon.
But with his prison sentence seemingly up, there is still no word from the rapper’s camp on his possible return.
“We haven’t heard anything new and so have no new information to share,” Stamp Communications spokesperson, Bulie Nazo, told The Juice on Monday. “All we can do is wait.”
-The Juice