The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is looking for about six lions on the loose from the Nairobi National Park. The lions are believed to have escaped to Lang’ata, which is adjacent to the park today. KWS Corporate Communications Officer Paul Udoto said they were not certain of the number of the lions.

"The lions were part of the wild population and we are depending on the public to report if they sight them," he said.
The wildlife service has advised any person who spots the lions to call KWS. Mr Udoto said the KWS was aware that a lioness had cubbed on the border of Lang'ata Barracks and the park and was monitoring the situation.

"However, this morning we were called at 4am and told that some two lionesses, we believe, including the new mother, had been seen on the road near Lang'ata Hospital. We responded immediately. But we have not been able to track them down," he explained.

He said another call was made by a member of the public at around 5am claiming to have come across the lions at the bypass near the National Housing Corporation in Lang'ata.

"We are still combing through this area,"

Meanwhile, in an update, the said that one of the lions (pictured) has been caught in Kibera.