MUVHANGO actress, Mona Monyane, who plays Dr Nthabeleng Molapo on the SABC2 soapie, is alleged to be a player of note.
The 25-year- old Ekurhuleni-born actress, who is a drama graduate from the University of Pretoria, is allegedly juggling her acting career with two boyfriends – Tempy Pushas actor Khulu Skenjana and Top Actor South Africa hopeful and model Joe Kazadi.
Two sources close to the situation tell Move! that Khulu is allegedly heartbroken after learning that Joe is allegedly playing adult games under the blankets with Mona.
Khulu apparently poured his heart out to fellow actor and friend, Atandwa Kani, when they met at a drinking spot in Melville, Johannesburg, two weeks ago.
“Khulu is heartbroken after learning that Mona is having an affair with Joe. He confided in Atandwa, wo sent a text message to Joe asking why he was sleeping with Mona knowing that she is dating Khulu,” alleged one source.
“Love is blind. The guy found out that she has been sleeping with Joe and from that day on, he has been nursing a bruised heart,” he adds. “You can’t go around having other se_xual partners when you know very well that you have someone who loves you. It’s so sad because Khulu really loves her.
When contacted for comment, Mona, who was not impressed by the allegations, said, “uAtanda yini i problem yakhe(whats Atandwa’s problem)? Why is he bothered? Shame. And why are you asking me because I think his comment matters more? And no, I am not dating either one of them.” Joe on the other hand did not deny or confirm having an affair with the beautiful actress. “Why do you want to know about the SMS? Is Atandwa the one who told you about this? Whatever is happening between us is none of his business. He must deal with his failed marriage and stop meddling in other people’s affairs,” Joe retorted.
Efforts to get hold of Atandwa proved fruitless as his cellphone rang unanswered. Khulu responded and said, “Mona is the most honest, caring and loving woman I’ve ever known. We have never had issues of infidelity and we intend to keep it that way”. Mona then sent an email stating, “I do not in any way wish to have any aspect of my personal life publicised by tabloid media. I do hope that you will respect my wishes and take into account that I am proclaiming in all honesty that all claims against me are completely false. I reiterate that I am not having an affair with anyone.