Mshoza has lifted the lid on her ongoing transformation, in which she said would undergo the kind of extreme makeover that the late US pop superstar Michael Jackson went through.

Her doctors said part of the transformation was making her look like US rapper Nicki Minaj.

Mshoza, 33, also revealed that she had offered herself as a guinea pig to undergo over-the-top cosmetic surgery and doesn’t have to pay a cent.

The Midrand-based Aesthetics HQ is testing procedures and products on her before taking them to market.

“Everything that comes in starts with me. I can say it’s an experiment,” she boasted.

The kwaito singer, whose real name is Nomasonto Maswanganyi, said she has been working with the company since 2014.

Among other tasks, she intentionally gained weight so they could later shrink her back to size.

“I didn’t have a big belly. I deliberately gained weight in order to see whether the machines work. I didn’t work out. After I gained the weight, they promised that this much fat would be gone by a certain time. I stopped doing surgery, lips. everything, and got into that character [sic],” she said this week.

She “went from a size 28 to a size 36”, and is now back to size 30 after a rigorous fat reduction plan.

“It’s a partnership. I heard about them after I lightened my skin, and I approached them. I went there to find out what they used. They liked the fact that I knew what I wanted and I wasn’t apologetic. We have a very good working relationship now,” said Maswanganyi.

The Aesthetics HQ’s Dr Claire Jacobsohn said Mshoza had been her patient since 2014. She confirmed that her aesthetic procedures included fillers and Botox, body shaping and contouring, skin tightening and lightening, and diet and wellness.

“The fillers and Botox are aimed at maintaining Nomasonto’s youthful face – her lips are her favourite, and I regularly inject filler for her into her lips to keep them plumped and sexy.

“Nomasonto has also been undergoing procedures to sculpt her body for a more voluptuous physique (she loves Nicki Minaj’s look). With her high levels of fitness, of low body fat, I needed her to gain weight for me to be able to contour her. We are currently using The Venus Legacy which allows for centimetre and cellulite reduction, skin tightening and stretch mark reduction. We are using this on her abdomen for belly flattening.

Jacobsohn said she performed skin lightening procedures “to maintain her beautiful light complexion”.

Costs include R3000 per session on the procedures and R5000 on fillers and Botox every four months.

To maintain Mshoza’s complexion, R2100 per month is needed.

Jacobsohn said that she wished to see Mshoza as their ambassador, hence she was not made to pay for all the procedures as she was testing some of them.

As part of reconstructing her career, Mshoza has hired an all- female dance troupe. They’ll perform for the first time at King’s Club in Durban on February 27.

“I’ve decided to put me first finally, I’m focusing on the talented Mshoza people have forgotten,” she said.

Source : Sowetan