AWARD-WINNING group Mi Casa’s ship has been rocked by allegations that the guys are splitting up!
Several sources close to the group claimed two members of the group are no longer happy with the way Joao “J’Something” da Fonseca is managing them. Another source alleged a dispute has left group members performing at some events separately.
“The group was scheduled to perform at Mgiftana’s birthday party on 16 January at Bahamas in Kwathema.
On Friday, Mi Casa had an interview on Jozi FM’s afternoon drive show and only Dr Duda and Mo T went to the interview. “And at Jeanet Inn in Soweto on 23 January, the billboards read: ‘Mi Casa will perform’ – but only Dr Duda arrived to deejay,” the source said.
Other sources alleged J’Something has been mismanaging the group and does as he pleases. One of them alleged: “This doesn’t only affect the other two members, but filters down to collaborators and employees. Everyone is complaining about mismanagement.”
A third source said J’Something announced last year the group would be starting its own record label, 34 Music.
The source said the two band members believed the label’s aim was to build Mi Casa as a brand. They understood 34 Music wasn’t seeking to develop new talent just yet. The second source claimed: “This deal has left the other two members of Mi Casa out in the cold.
“Because J’Something co-owns the label. He and his partner get a larger cut of each cheque the group gets. “But that was not part of their initial agreement.” This source said the company also manages J’Something’s budding cooking career. The third Sunday Sun source claimed: “Dr Duda has apparently become a heavy drinker because of all the stress caused by J’Something.”
Yet another source mentioned two “victims” of Mi Casa: make-up artist Malebo Moropa, and Yaya On Fire, who sang on the song All The Glory, but was never credited. Malebo asked Sunday Sun who the reporter was and then hung up.  Mo T told Sunday Sun: “As much as we’re a group we also have individual interests. There’s nothing like that because we communicate about our different engagements.”
When probed about the Jozi FM interview, he lashed out: “Mi Casa is going nowhere. We all talk to each other all the time.” Yesterday Mi Casa’s manager, Collin Mokgaotsi, told the People’s Paper: “There is absolutely nothing like that.” J’Something and Dr Duda were not available for comment.
Source : Daily Sun