A recent survey conducted on over 700 South African women – all involved in committed relationships – by anti-depressant pharmaceutical firm, Pharma Dynamics, has revealed that lack of se_xual intimacy leads to elevated symptoms of depression.
The survey, polled women of various walks of life, between the ages of 18 and 55 on the effects that se_x – or the lack thereof – have on their mental well-being.
While eight in one women considered themselves to have a healthy se_x drive, 15% cited their partner’s disinterest, as one of the primary reasons for not having se_x as often as they would like to.
The study concluded with tips for everyone on dealing with se_xual rejection:
Don’t take it personally – remind yourself that your partner’s lack of interest in se+x may not be about you
Try a new approach. Don’t initiate se_x for a while and see what happens
Examine your relationship and ask yourself what was different about the times when your partner was more interested in se_x and try to somehow recreate those conditions
Focus on what makes you happy, for example, spending time with friends, starting a new hobby, joining a sport or dance club etc. If they see you focusing on yourself rather than your s_ex life, they might want to become more involved in ‘every’ aspect of your life
“Never lose sight of the importance of putting constant effort into a relationship. You need to be inventive, surprising and work at it in order for it to remain exciting and for you both to enjoy a strong emotional and physical bond.
While se_x within a loving relationship contributes to mental well-being, other studies say casual se_x makes you depressed and anxious