A man claims to have slept with ALL the widows in the community he stays in off Matatiele in the Eastern Cape.
We caught up with the bonk master in his house and he was willing to tell us his story.  Pantsula, as the community members call him, says he is doing the widows a favor since their husbands died so he took it upon himself to make sure that they never lack where matters of the bed are concerned.
‘I have 6 widows who I service in this village and they are happy’ announced the 48 year old, ‘some are older than me but I don’t care really, I just make sure I sika le cake properly and they buy me some beer or something then we are all happy’, he beamed.
However, Pantsula’s ways are not appreciated by some village elders who say he is a disgrace and some say he is causing the death of the husband’s to get access to the wife. ‘We suspect he killed Bab Ngcamu because he had recently married a young woman, but died within a year after complaining from a headache’, One village elder exclaimed.
Panstula is not deterred by the elder’s words though as he maintains he is doing everyone a favor. “I am doing public service, every night I make sure I visit at least 3 of my ladies for a good time and go. They compete to have me because I am a tiger’.
Panstula however has a dilemma as he does not know which of his many ladies will be his valentine. He said, ‘Eish man, I don’t know what I will do this Valentine’s. I think I will make my move on Ma Mthembu, she should be over the mourning period now’ He said. Ma Mthembu is a recent widow whose husband passed in October 2015.