Johannesburg – To the world, Manaka Ranaka’s relationship with her man, Thabo Monareng seems like a fairytale. But the Generations: The Legacy star reveals that the couple have been going through a rough patch lately.
There was a time, several months ago, where hardly a week would go by without the couple posting a snap together or a cute tribute to each other. It was even thought that Manaka’s man would soon propose to her 
But almost overnight, the snaps dried up and the couple’s relationship was put to the test.
Talking to True Love magazine recently, Manaka revealed that they are currently going through a “rough patch.”
The good news is that they are both determined to work on through their challenges.
“We’re working hard at making it work. I love Thabo. He’s the one guy I don’t want to give up on. That’s the reason I’ve given us a chance to fix things,” she explained.
Adding, “If he really loves me, he’ll afford me the time to heal. For now I’d like us to rebuild our relationship as the ship hasn’t sunk yet. We’ll take it from there because our kids and family are important to us.”
And judging by Manaka’s sweet tribute to Thabo earlier this week, they are well on their way to rekindling the flame.

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Source:The Juice