Believe it or not!
ZIMBABWE-A Bulawayo man claimed he walked in on his wife while allegedly romping with her lover a ‘Ben 10’,on their matrimonial bed and the wife who was apparently at the height of ecstasy”sternly” charged him not to disturb the ‘steamy” s_ex romp.
And,rather than reacting with anger and beating the two lovebirds,the shocked man reportedly obeyed his ‘cheating” wife’s instructions and went straight to the living room where he alleged waited for them to finish.
After finishing,the unperturbed woman reportedly covered herself with a blanket and proceed to the sitting room where her “obedient’ husband was seated.
The remarkable revelation which reads like an extract from a fictional account emerged at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Smile Ndlovu(48) had been dragged by his wife Tracey Moyo(44) who was accusing him of constantly abusing her.
In her submissions,Moyo said her husband had been abusing her for the past eight years.
“I have been married to mile Ndlovu for 16 years and we have two children together.For the past eight years he has been abusing me both verbally and physically. I was once admitted for five days after he struck me with an axe on the leg.
“The respondent is also in a habit of going for some months without telling me where he is going.He is also verbally threatening me over the phone saying that if I take him to court,he will tell people that he once caught me with another man,”reads part of Moyo’s submissions.
In response Ndlovu spewed venom at his wife claiming she was the one who emotionally abused him by allegedly cheating on him with an 18-year-old police officer based at Inyathi Police station.Ndlovu said his wife’s Ben 10 was also harassing him saying he was a security agent.
“I never abused her in any way. She is the one who is abusing me and through her application she is trying to cover up her fidelity. In 2013 she once assaulted me and left me for dead. I reported the matter to the police and she asked for forgiveness while pleading with me to withdraw the matter saying she was diabetic.She is in love with an 18- year-old police officer who is always threatening me saying he is a member of the Central Intelligence Organisation.
“As if that is not enough on 17 January this year I caught the two love birds (Moyo and the police officer) red-handed having s_ex at our house and matrimonial bed.When I asked her what she was doing she ordered me to go to the sitting room where she later came covering herself with a blanket,” he said.
Moyo,who was legally represented,disputed her husband’s infidelity accusations saying on that particular day,Ndlovu found her just sitting with another man and suspected that they were having a relationship.The lawyer further said the two parties were no longer living together as Ndlovu was in a habit of disappearing from the home without telling his wife.
In his ruling the presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova ordered Ndlovu not to verbally and physically abuse the complainant or threaten her in any way.