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#Malema: 145 Julius Malema Quotes at #NkandlaPayback EFF Press Conference

That concludes the press conference. See you on the 9th for the march to the Constitutional Court.

IN SUMMARY: Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema is not prepared to accept President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla settlement proposal unless he agrees to the party's terms.

"We not going to agree to any settlement until he reaffirms the powers of public protector, and two [reaffirms that] the remedial actions of public protector are binding and three, that President Zuma agrees in the settlement that [by] failing to implement the remedial action he was in breach of the Constitution and his oath of office," Malema told reporters in Johannesburg on Thursday.

"We will not agree that he had all the right to behave in the manner he did. We are not going to be party to any settlement which does not speak to those three points."

Malema also assured that his party is not "led" by the DA or its leader Mmusi Maimane and that the EFF in fact leads them.

Malema also focused much of his outrage at the Gupta family and their businesses, including TV channel ANN7 and newspaper The New Age.
  1. #Malema: It is not a regret that we supported Zuma. It is a lesson. Zuma is serious miscarriage of history.
  2. #Malema: We replaced Mbeki with nothing. This is just a mess. We gave the Constitution to the dogs to tear it apart.
  3. #Malema: We’re going to remove the ANC in all the metros. Those who vote for the ANC are voting for these corrupt fellows.
  4. #Malema: At the ultimate end, Zuma must be removed as the State President. Zuma and the ANC must go.
  5. #Malema: He has admitted guilt. What happens to a President that says that I have stolen the money.
  6. #Malema: It doesn’t matter if the Concourt says the matter must go the High court. The man has already said he will pay.
  7. #Malema: We knew that when we go to the Concourt that Zuma will have to pay.
  8. #Malema: I’m not surprised by Zuma’s offer. I told the country that Zuma is going to pay.
  9. #Malema: I’m for a day when SARS will be independent.
  10. #Malema: Someone must ask SARS how much they spent on my case. The judge said they’re spending R10 to recover R2.
  11. #Malema: SARS must help us to comply. It must not be some bullterrier that goes for the kill.
  12. #Malema: After the pull out of the sequestration case, they meet with Tom at a hotel who tells them that I must go down.
  13. #Malema: SARS created an impression that they’re untouchable. SARS must subject itself to the law.
  14. #Malema: The Concourt judges have to do the right thing. This is a matter of national importance. It has divided the country, parliament
  15. #Malema: The judiciary has refused to surrender its independence to these crooks and the Zuptas.
  16. #Malema: We must protect our judiciary. It is the only thing left. It must be transformed.
  17. #Malema: I will never be bullied by the NPA, SARS or anyone. Don’t shake when they come to you. Just look at the law.
  18. #Malema: Tom Moyane has a long relationship with the Zuma family. He was the nanny to Zuma’s kids in Mozambique.
  19. #Malema: Pravin, Nene and that quickie one, van Rooyen are all the same. They bow before white monopoly capital.
  20. #Malema: Pravin is an agent of white monopoly capital. He works for the Ruperts and Rothschild.
  21. #Malema: Pravin comes in and says that SARS restructuring is not in order because Moyane is tampering with his boys there.
  22. #Malema: SARS was engaged in illegal activities, e.g. illegal bugging.
  23. #Malema: Where it involves black people, they go with a guillotine. They attack small companies that threaten multinationals companies.
  24. #Malema: SARS is now very corrupt. It is now led by a group of tribalisms. Afrikaner investigators are brought to cases involving blacks
  25. #Malema: I said, I’m not going to live with a sword on my neck because they will wait for a particular day to slaughter me.
  26. #Malema: They were saying they don’t know why I’m going to court because they’re not threatening me with anything.
  27. #Malema: I need a declaratory order by the court that the settlement is binding and fully excused.
  28. #Malema: They made a u-turn after they lost the sequestration case. I went to court to say I brought a counter application to SARS.
  29. #Malema: No SARS took me to court. I took SARS to court. I asked the court to declare the settlement valid.
  30. #Malema: So he brought a third player, the white shirts. We’ll share SONA with Zuma and the white shirts.
  31. #Malema: The day Zuma respects the office of the President, that is the day we’ll respect him. Otherwise SONA we’ll share with him.
  32. #Malema: Zuma must know that for the remainder of his term, we’re going to share SONA with him. He does not deserve respect.
  33. #Malema: There is no new rule in parliament that protect Zuma. That says you can’t call a point of order.
  34. #Malema: Those that gave me the SIU report had pleaded with me not to discuss it with anyone
  35. #Malema: The SIU report is manipulated. I came across a genuine report that exposed those shenanigans.
  36. #Malema: I don’t need media to communicate with the people of South Africa.
  37. #Malema: We’re not media hungry. We’re on the ground. We’re on the villages working very quietly.
  38. #Malema: I don’t need ANN7 to carry my message to the public. I’m on the ground. I speak directly to people.
  39. #Malema: You’re saying, “Are you scared of Gupta media?” You don’t know me. Nothing scares me. Even BBC.
  40. #Malema: The Guptas give an award to Nkosazana-Zuma so they can launch her campaign. Zuma didn’t know where to hug or not.
  41. #Malema: Where have you ever seen a state president sitting at a dinner with no significant role to play (Gupta awards)
  42. #Malema: You will see how action agains the Guptas will transpire. Just stick to Mbuyiseni on the 9th
  43. #Malema: We’re marching against the Gupta corruption and implementation of the PP remedial action.One journalists asks for a reaction of the EFF to reports that the SIU investigation was manipulated to protect Zuma.
  44. #Malema: We’re prepared to form a coalition with anyone who is prepared to meet our 7 non-negotiable cardinal pillars.
  45. #Malema: If our requirement are not met, we’re prepared to be opposition in all municipalities.
  46. #Malema: Anyone that works with the EFF will have to meet our requirements. We won’t compromise principle for political expediency.
  47. #Malema: Even if we’re going to have a coalition with the DA and others, we’ll do it on our own terms. We have a revolutionary programme.
  48. #Malema: Maimane asked the Concourt to join us. We’ll never do that. We’ll never be led by DA that seeks bring colonialism via back door
  49. #Malema: You must see what happens in parliament. There are times that he abandons the accent when inspired by he spirit of the fighters
  50. #Malema: I can’t be led by someone from church straight into politics. We’ll never be led by Maimane.
  51. #Malema: We will never join the DA in court. The DA will join us. We will never be led by Maimane. We will lead Maimane.
  52. #Malema: We’re not talking to the DA about this matter. We’re not talking to them about any coalition.
  53. #Malema: Zuma can propose anyone. If he wants Zizi involved, that’s his business. The court will never agree with these things.
  54. #Malema: There is no Gupta matter before the court. This is a political programme. This is our issue.
  55. #Malema: When we started, Zuma said that the ConCourt shouldn’t even entertain us.
  56. #Malema: We never received anything from Zuma in November. We have never received anything from Zuma. We would have shared that with you.
  57. #Malema: We don’t care if Zuma pays “two bob” or “zoka”. We don’t care. He must pay.
  58. #Malema: If that Minister of Police did what the PP asked for, there would have been no problem.
  59. #Malema: Public Protector remedial actions are binding. Ministers must be reprimanded. What the PP said should happen, must happen.
  60. #Malema: They must determine how much those non-security feature cost and Zuma must pay with interest.
  61. #Malema: We’re not in the business of deciding what amount Zuma must pay. Those features are there.
  62. #Malema: The ANC in Mangaung said that when there are serious allegations against its members, they will take action. Nothing happens.
  63. #Malema: The President has done nothing about Zwane. The ANC has done nothing.
  64. #Malema: We warned you about Mosebenzi Zwane. He is negotiating deals on behalf of the Guptas and nothing happens to him.
  65. #Malema: Zuma has done far worse than Mbeki. Why is he not recalled?
  66. #Malema: I was at the forefront of the removal of Mbeki. I ask what is it that is so extreme that Thabo did that required his removal?
  67. #Malema: Investors are leaving because of uncertainties created by a man who is not stable.
  68. #Malema: Zuma says that he is going to pay. He must tell us where he is going to get the money from if not from this corrupt Gupta family.
  69. #Malema: What the Guptas want, they get. The information is that the Guptas are giving Zuma real money.
  70. #Malema: Nene was fired because he didn’t implement the actions that were instructed to him by Guptas and Zuma on nuclear deal.
  71. #Malema: The reason of taking this action is to say that we’re trying to restore order.
  72. #Malema: We don’t regard the Guptas as one of us because of their disrespect of the constitution and South Africa.
  73. #Malema: Anything that will happen to the Guptas will be peaceful. How the state reacts will determine if we’ll remain peaceful.
  74. #Malema: Gupta journalists, please don’t come to our events. Please.
  75. #Malema: We’re not going to allow a South Africa that is sold over a plate of curry. We’ll take physical action.
  76. #Malema: Ministers eat dinner at the Guptas. Dinner prepared with corrupt hands and want to appear clean.
  77. #Malema: By entertaining the Guptas, we’re actually legitimising them. They’re not a legitimate body.
  78. #Malema: When we talk about the ANN7, don’t involve yourself. Those people are a criminal cartel.
  79. #Malema: When we said we’ll dismantle apartheid, we meant everything, including agents of apartheid and its infrastructure
  80. #Malema: Anyone dealing with the Guptas is perpetuating corruptions.
  81. #Malema: When Zuma doesn’t explain why he removed Nene, don’t worry how we will deal with him.
  82. #Malema: Once Zuma has paid, then we will call you again, because that is only the beginning.
  83. #Malema: We have outlined different method of payments, like eWallet.
  84. #Malema: If the judges rule in our favour. We will have to wait for the day that he pays.
  85. Aldrin Simper wants to know if the EFF is surprised that the President went beyond the PP report by introducing the AG.
  86. She wants to know if there is a plan about the “war against the Guptas"
  87. Qaanitah Hunter also wants to know if the EFF wrote to the State Attorney about its demands.
  88. Qaanitah Hunter wants to know who should determine how much should be paid. (The PP report is clear)
  89. Another Journalist wants to know EFF reaction to foreign investors.
  90. Ranjeni also wants to know how the Guptas must leave the country and if there is physical threats to people
  91. Ranjeni Munsamy wants to know if the Nkandla matter will be closed if the ConCourt rules in favour of the EFF.
  92. #Malema: There will be no deal if the Zuma does not meet the requirements we have outlined. Thank you.
  93. #Malema: South Africa will not become a failed state under our watch.
  94. #Malema: Let ANC in their colours who always condemn the Guptas, to come on the 9th and say, “not in our name"
  95. #Malema: White supremacy are happy that the country is falling apart at hands of black people. We won’t allow Zuma to do that.
  96. #Malema: We’re the only party that has a practical plan to confront corruption and white supremacy.
  97. #Malema: This a man is collapsing the country. We’re not scared of being beaten up. We’re prepared to die for protection of the Constitution
  98. #Malema: We cannot lose billions and nothing happens.
  99. #Malema: Before Zuma speaks on SONA, he must first explain why he removed the Minister of Finance.
  100. #Malema: When we declare war, we fight it to a bitter end.
  101. #Malema: We’re not prophets. We’re not playing. We know what we’re doing.
  102. #Malema: We’re not scared of anyone. We’re not scared of the Zuma and Parliament.
  103. #Malema: Mantashe says the Guptas are corruption individuals not the ANC. The ANC made of individuals.
  104. #Malema: Cowards say it is not the ANC but an individual. What did the ANC do about it?
  105. #Malema: Zuma and Guptas must fall. The Zuptas must fall.
  106. #Malema: Stop tweeting from your bed. Come tweet from the picket line. Let’s all go to the streets. Let show we’re tired of corruption.
  107. #Malema: If you meant what you were saying on 16 December, the 9 February is the day for you to march with EFF
  108. #Malema: Let those who were saying #ZumaMustFall come to the real action. Not artificial protest.
  109. #Malema: If they were genuine about their march, we want to see them on the 9th of February. (EFF march)
  110. #Malema: They marched because it wasn’t agains the state where they get their bread from.
  111. #Malema: Celebrities were marching during #FeesMustFall because that was against institutions of higher learning
  112. #Malema: The more we talk, the more the Guptas were getting corrupt.
  113. #Malema: We’ll do to the Guptas what we did to the colonisers. We’ll engage them directly.
  114. #Malema: We can’t have a situation where we’re controlled by a family. We can’t be colonised by a family.
  115. #Malema: We can’t guarantee the safety of those working for the Guptas
  116. #Malema: Our brothers and sisters working for the Guptas, this is not about you. Move out of the way. We’re going for the enemy.
  117. #Malema: You have all written bad things about us and you’re still welcome. But propagandists of corruption will not be tolerated.
  118. #Malema: Those institutions are not media but products of corruption.
  119. #Malema: It is a battle agains the Guptas. We don’t want to see ANN7 or New Age anywhere near EFF events.
  120. #Malema: We must take action against corruption. It has reached the levels where we cannot tolerate anymore.
  121. #Malema: We can’t have a situation where corrupt people are known and no one does anything. All we can do is to tweet about it.
  122. #Malema: We’re going to take practical action. They must leave SA.
  123. #Malema: We demand that the Guptas must leave the country with immediate effect. We’re tired of talking about the Guptas.
  124. #Malema: He must agree that he is in breach of oath of office. He didn’t protect the national purse.
  125. #Malema: We don’t want those boring movies that were demonstrating that a swimming pool is a fire pool
  126. #Malema: The settlement must include an agreement that those things mentioned by him are not security features.
  127. #Malema: Those chicken runs are already there. What more needs to be done? There are a lot of non-security features.
  128. #Malema: He wants to drag it until 2019. He thinks he can play with us like that. We want the matter implement within 60 days.
  129. #Malema: He says this must be resolve within 90 days. Check when is the 90 days. Come 90 days, they’ll ask for extension.
  130. #Malema: Zuma said he won’t pay. Now he comes and says he will pay so he can buy time.
  131. #Malema: Zuma destroyed parliament, he destroyed the executive for mere selfishness.
  132. #Malema: People now think that remedial action are just mere recommendations that are not binding
  133. #Malema: Since Zuma insulted the PP and her powers, that office is no longer respected as before
  134. #Malema: We can’t have a situation where Zuma’s drum majorettes in parliament insult the PP
  135. #Malema: We can’t accept that the PP can be told that she is not God and her remedial actions aren’t binding.
  136. #Malema: We won’t be party to any settlement that doesn’t address those three points.
  137. #Malema: And that Zuma by failing to implement remedial action he was in breach of the Constitution and oath of office.
  138. #Malema: We’re not going to accept any settlement that doesn’t reaffirm powers of PP, that remedial actions are binding
  139. #Malema: I’m happy that they were able to see this crook that he was trying to do things that are unacceptable.
  140. #Malema: The judges responded saying that they’re not interested, because that is the matter between the parties and won’t get involved.
  141. #Malema: Zuma being Zuma writes to us and copies judges so he can influence them. He wants them to see him as a reasonable man.
  142. #Malema: In his typical way of trying to control everything and influence judges, he took a copy to court.
  143. #Malema: They made a proposed settlement and they expect us to respond to.
  144. #Malema: We’re here because the corrupt President of SA has made an admission that he is corrupt and that he will pay back the money.
  145. The CIC and the EFF leadership have arrived for the press briefing.

The press conference to start in a bit

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