Isa Kebbi’s attire which has caught the eye of many, is more likely to be seen in the Nigerian capital’s central business district, but not from someone who sells nuts from a wheelbarrow.

A photo which was shared on Twitter, has revealed that a man from Kebbi State named Isa Yakubu Liman, might be the most corporate street hawker not just in the federal capital, Abuja but in Nigeria as a whole.
The Abuja-based tiger nuts seller in the popular Wuse market, isn’t your average hawker, he goes around looking sharp and good in his suit and tie. Yakubu told BBC Africa that he buys a sack of the nuts on credit every month and if he makes a lot of sales, he makes a profit of around $19.
He’s not the first food seller that was pictured wearing a suit to sell his goods. Remember Daniel Nartey in Ghana’s capital Accra. He started wearing a suit to sell watermelon after his pastor told him to dress well no matter the job you do.