Faded kwaito star Mshoza is spotting something that looks like a baby bump.
The controversial singer, who has been bleaching her skin to look like Michael Jackson, posted a picture on her Facebook page with the caption Twin Set earlier this week, which sparked rumours that she’s pregnant.
A friend close to “Mshoza”, real name Nomasonto Maswanganye, said they won’t be surprised if she’s expecting.
“She’s so desperate to stay relevant. We all know she’s not making any money as a singer. She’s struggling to make a comeback in this highly competitive music industry.
“Lately, she’s known for her personal and relationship drama, compared to what we got to know her for, which is music,” the source said.

Recently, Mshoza was embroiled in an abuse scandal with her on-and-off lover and was said to be living in fear. This after alleged death threats from her lover.
“The protruding tummy is very strange, considering she had all sorts of constructive surgeries to stay forever young. If she’s pregnant, then she has taken her career 10 steps back,” said a second source.
Mshoza burst onto the local music scene over a decade ago with the song Kortes, featuring then-child star Mzambiya.
Since then, she was caught in a scandal of having a son she hid from the public before getting married to Witbank tycoon Jacob Mnisi, a marriage that produced two kids. And it ended up in a divorce.
Mshoza said: “No, I’m not pregnant. Please, let me call you back,” before slamming the phone down.