More than 15 million girls that are under the legal age are getting married each year, around the globe. People claim that marrying a minor deprives them from being free to experience what’s destined for them, it deprives them from their rights to education, and to develop their selves.

While some of the children aged 12-16 years old are still having fun playing with their friends and enjoying their childhood, some are suffering because their family is forcing them to follow the tradition.
Here’s a social experiment that was created by KAFA. This aims to show that abusing the freedomof the minors should be put to a stop, immediately.
In this video, an old man and her 12-year-old “wife” is on their photoshoot, when people suddenly interfere
A lot of people quickly came in action and tried to stop what’s bound to happen. They repeatedly told the young girlnot to marry the old man.
The creators of this experiment claim that the people’s reaction about what’s happening simplyshows that they really care about the child.