Johannesburg- Ever wondered what it’s like to be rich and famous?
Well, we’re sure AKA’s rider demands will shed some light on that for you.
During a recent interview with DJ Sabby on his show The Best Life TV, AKA revealed what needs to be on his hospitality rider when he attends an event.
So if you’re planning to book AKA here’s what you need to know…
1. AKA only flies business class.
2. The rapper will only fly SAA – no Mango or Kulula.
3. He needs to be picked up in an SUV or an H1 (9 seater bus).
4. The rapper and his team usually pick the hotels they want to stay at.
5. He has to have three to four bouncers at the show.
6. Then comes the ‘bottles’, Red Bull, water, ginger tea and towels.