This is a story shared by Dave Malenfant who works at the National Cemetery in Holly where the fallen soldiers lie. He is responsible for cleaning the stones and while doing so, one day he noticed a quarter being placed on one of the headstones and wondered why is that so. Then, he noticed a nickel on another stone, realizing it has been done intentionally. He took pictures and decided to look into it. What he found out affected him deeply that he felt the need to share it with others

When someone leaves a coin on a headstone it denotes a sign of respect, letting the deceased soldier’s family know that someone took the time to stand before the grave and show gratitude for the fact that they gave their life in the service of the country. Each denomination of the coin has a special meaning.The video goes into greater details, explaining this custom. A penny means that one visited the grave, while a nickel means that you trained with the soldier in a boot camp. The deepest significance is leaving a quarter. It means that you were there when the soldier died.