HOME AFFAIRS Minister, Malusi Gigaba, has seemingly made a move to “silence” his alleged nyatsi, Buhle Mkhize. 
Sunday Sun heard Gigaba allegedly asked spin doctor Makhosini Nkosi to offer Buhle a deal to keep her posts off social media.
He is said to have proposed that Buhle should sign a
non-disclosure agreement – to stop legal action by Gigaba. 
Sunday Sun has seen an SMS allegedly sent by Nkosi.
Leaked by a friend of Buhle’s, it reads in part:Hi Buhle. . . . please don’t do anything before you and I meet. 
It goes on: She won’t apologise to you and you won’t apologise to her. 
However, there’s a third way that I will propose to you when we meet. 
Buhle’s friend said: “Buhle doesn’t care about money. After all, Malusi only bought her two Chanel bags!”
The friend added: “Buhle only travels first-class. She doesn’t need to be bought. 
“Maybe they can use that money to buy Noma real bags!”
Sunday Sun has also learnt of allegations that Malusi spoke to Buhle for a long time on 26 December.
“And they resolved the matter amicably. But Noma started bragging that her hubby was working on Buhle being banned from Mzansi, and Buhle exploded again!” said the source.
The SunTeam has heard claims Noma accused her friends of leaking her past to the media. The source alleged: “She’s gone paranoid. She sends SMSes to lots of people. She believes everyone is out to get her. And she doesn’t get along with her bridesmaids, including TV presenters, Lorna Maseko and Zizo Beda.”
When contacted, Buhle refused to comment saying she doesn’t speak to media. She indicated she is not short of cash.
Makhosini was not available for comment. Speaking on behalf of Minister Malusi and Makhosini, Mayihlome Tshwete said: “Don’t waste my time, I am not going to repeat myself over and over again.”
Source : Dailysun