A man has shared his heartbreak online after apparently making the discovery that his girlfriend had cheated on him – with his own father.
The anonymous male posted photographs of what he said was his dad’s iPhone screen online after finding text messages he exchanged with the woman, including racy n_aked pictures.
He wrote: “Just found out my girlfriend has been having se_x with my Dad. He left his phone at the house whilst he’s at work.
“All messages discussing how she’s his ‘dirty little secret’. Nu_des and everything.
“What do I do? I’m broken.”
He then took photographs of his dad’s phone and posted the saucy text exchange for all to see.
In the messages, his dad confesses to the woman that he “just can’t stop thinkin about u or last nite” (sic).
She replies: “I can’t either but feel to bad about it” (sic) before saying she was getting changed.
When he asks her to ‘show him’, she resists at first before sending him na_ked photos.
The conversation ends with the woman asking when her boyfriend was next at work – with the implication being that they could continue their affair.
The man went on to post screengrabs of his conversation with his girlfriend on Facebook chat, confronting her with a message asking: “Why him?”
At first she appears to deny all knowledge of the affair, saying: “I can’t admit to something I haven’t got to admit what are you on about,” while trying to call him.
When he sends her the photos of his dad’s phone which allegedly prove her guilt, she responds: “It was an accident and he pressured me lots. I love you to much please answer me.” (sic)
She goes on to claim: “It was only once…your dad sat next to me and we spoke a bit and stuff and I don’t know  he kissed me and it was just quite casual.
Your dad isn’t like a normal dad. It wasn’t for long or anything.”
During the lengthy message exchange, she even claims that her boyfriend’s mum knows about the affair and has forgiven her.
It is not known whether the text exchange is legitimate or whether the couple managed to resolve their issues – but we’re guessing that Christmas at their house will be pretty awkward…