A church elder at Grace Life Church in Bluff, Durban was thoroughly beaten by one of the church’s congregants for trying to sleep with his wife.
John Dreyer, a well respected member of the community, grandfather, husband and church elder had his dark secret revealed.
The married man of the cloth had developed a habit of picking up ladies, married or unmarried. from his church and even some from the streets and bedding them.
His luck ran out however when he approached one Zimbabwean lady with his proposal. The faithful lady duly informed her husband who is a truck driver of John’s advances despite John clearly knowing that she is married.
The husband instructed his wife to play along and a “relationship” formed.
At one occasion, John asks the lady to send him nud3 photos to which she tells him that her camera was dysfunctional and John promised to buy her a cellphone with a working camera before he himself sent her a lot of photographs of his manhood. All this was done under the watchful eye of Liberty, the husband.
On the fateful day that Elder  John met his fate, he asked the wife if he would meet her at her house because his wife was sick and had not gone to work that day. Liberty then connived with his wife and told John to come through as the “coast was clear”. The h0rny clergyman made his way to Liberty’s flat in Bluff, Durban with a cake, a cellphone (samsung e250 in hand} and some condoms. He had promised Liberty’s wife a good time of passionate interc0urse.
Lo and behold, John’s entrance into Liberty’s flat was met with a hot clap from the incensed husband who immediately meted instant fist justice on the defenseless elder. All this was happening on camera as the wife was recording  the ordeal for proof later.
So severe was the beating and hot claps that John lost a tooth from the ordeal and in the video, an enraged Liberty even breaks a glass as he delivers one of the many punches that met John’s face.
Source : Online