Gospel singer Montana Mhlongo is safe and feeling confident after being released from hospital this week.
A pregnant Montana, who has suffered several miscarriages in the past, was rushed to hospital last week complaining of stomach cramps.
Doctors later diagnosed her with a condition where the foetus was developing outside the womb and in her fallopian tubes. It was then decided that she would have to have an operation to remove the foetus .
According to Daily Sun, Montana is now recovering well after the operation and is hopeful of having children in the future.
“I’m glad I’m still alive and kicking,” she tells the paper. “Before the operation a lot of thoughts came into my mind and the worst was that maybe it was the end of my life,” she adds.
And even though she says the pain of losing her third child during pregnancy will always haunt her, she remains positive and hopeful of one day having children.
“The doctors gave me hope and said I would still be able to have children because they cleaned my womb. They said it would not affect my ability to get pregnant again,” she said.