Rhythm City co-stars Samkelo Ndlovu (26) and Ntando Duma (20) have gone from being best buddies to becoming sworn enemies.
Sources close to the former BFFs tell that trouble started after Samkelo, who plays Lerato in the e.tv soapie, stole Ntando’s boyfriend and Zabalaza actor Bohang Mokoe.
So bitter is the situation that the two refuse to be in the same room at the same time.
Three different sources within celebville say Bohang who plays Victor Ndou in Zabalaz was apparently dating Ntando almost the whole of 2015, but their relationship ended when she discovered that Samkelo was dating him behind her back.
Ntando who plays Zinzi, is said to be so angry that she even deleted her Instagram pictures of her with Samkelo.
Last week Samkelo posted a photo of Bohang in her Instagram and wrote: “This human looks soooo familiar to my MCE . Could it be? I mean, is that you boo? My MCE-Milk Chocolate Everything/ My Ever-after/Man Crush Everyday. That’s you? I could swear it’s you. Akushushu, sen’chuba iHeat elapha. @bohang – let me record Zabalaza and see if it is you.”
An angry source says, “It is sad to see Samkelo posting him like that because Ntando loved Bohang.
Another source confirmed that Ntando is angry with Samkelo. “She told us that she broke up with Bohang because he was seeing Samkelo behind her back. She was angry that Samkelo was her buddy but she stole her man. She deleted her Instagram pictures with Samkelo. She wants nothing to do with her because she feels betrayed,” says the source
When Ntando was contacted, she denied ever being BOhang’s girlfriend. “I don’t know what is going on between them and it is not my business. We never dated. I had a crush on the guy. I am single and if I am in love, the world will know,” Ntando said, giggling.
While Samkelo could not be reached for a comment, Bohang has denied dating her or Ntando. “There is no such a thing. We are all friends. Ntando is not my girlfriend. In-fact I have never dated either one of them. Just because she posted a picture of me doesn’t mean we are together. The three of us are fine, we re just friends,” insisted Bohang.
Early last month a Sunday newspaper reported that Ntando was dating DJ Junior Da Rocka, who works at Durban-based radio station, Gagasi FM.
The DJ is also apparently dating singer Naima Kay. Then Ntando went as far as posting a picture of her and Junior together in Durban