Big brother Babe, Pokello Nare, from neighbouring Zimbabwe, says she feels sorry for President Zuma.
The fashionista and mother of one who recently married fellow housemate, Ghanaian, Elikem Kumordzie, was commenting on social media about the heckling the President had to go through, mainly from members of the EFF during his State of the Nation Address.
She insinuated that Malema and his cohorts mischievously plan beforehand to embarrass the President whom she later suggested to be ‘weak’ in a series of tweets on her social media.
She added that  EFF members are the sort of people they call mboko, in  Zimbabwe’s vernacular,  a derogatory term that roughly translates to an Idiot or Mampara..
She also added that had it been in Zimbabwe, the people there would have never dared to interrupt Mugabe or ask him to sit down.
Below are screenshots of some of her twitter rants