Dear Readers,
My name is Sukanmi from Ibadan, Oyo state. I am married with a handsome son who is 3-years old. I am a Civil Servant. I am married to a very beautiful Igbo lady from Anambra. She is a successful businesswoman with a popular boutique to show for it.
My wife is the best wife on earth but I have offended her gravely without her knowledge. What I am about to share constitutes a huge burden in my heart. My reluctance to confess my sins have been weighing me down. My wife started her trading business 2 years ago and the venture took virtually all her time. She makes so much money compared to me. She closes from her stall as late as 10pm as she takes inventory with her workers for accountability sake.

She returns home very tired. Her work schedule has been financially helpful to our home but it has been eating indirectly into the foundation of our marriage. We hardly have time to have s*x. She comes home so late and too tired for any pleasure session. Sometimes, she doesn’t eat before she goes to bed due to the level of tiredness. She was only free on Sundays until her top customers started making demands for expensive wears on the Sabbath day which forces her to open the stall in the evening to effect sales.
This started telling on me as a man. I tried complaining and she promised to make amends. There was a period during which we didn’t have se x for about 5 months as she was engaged in some business trips to Dubai and other states in Nigeria.
Unconsciously I started eyeing the backside of our 21-year old housemaid named Imabong from Akwa Ibom state. Truth be told, she is blessed physically. She wears attractive beads around her waist. Ever since I sighted them, I have been unable to sleep well at night. As time went on, Imabong started wearing some bum shorts in the evenings on my return from work. I was almost thinking it was in a bid to seduce me. One day, I couldn’t resist the sight of her bum. Idrove out and got myself really drunk as some sort of distraction. The period coincided with my wife’s trip to Lagos to buy some goods for sale.

I came back around 11pm at night. I was so perplexed to see her wearing a see-through nightwear at the sitting room waiting for me. She said she was bothered about my late return which was unusual as well as her failed efforts to reach me on phone.
That moment, I wasn’t listening to her at all. Her cleavage was staring at my face. The effect of the alcohol exaggerated everything about her in my sight. I confirmed our little boy’s location and when I discovered he was already asleep, I made into her room. At first she was shocked, I promised her money and other juicy benefits. In no time she went off guard and put up a little struggle like normal timid ladies sleeping with a man for the first time.
We had rough s*x all night. During the first round she was acting so amateur, later on; all hell was let loose. She took on me like her life depended on it. From her reactions and the firmness of her body, I was sure she must have been sexually starved. Since that fateful day, it has become a regular affair. Imabong is really wild. Every position is comfortable for her as against my wife that loves it missionary. Imabong is s*xually creative and she brings the acts in po rn movies to reality.

I am so addicted to her that I find it hard to touch my lovely wife. The last time I tried making love to her, it was almost impossible to get an ere ction. Even when I did, I went flaccid in no time. It was then I realised that child birth has taken its toll on her. She has been wondering about how my urge for s*x went cold suddenly and I know in no time she may find out.
The fact is that I have tried to sack Imabong but it’s difficult considering her enthusiasm in doing her household chores and her prowess on bed. What will be my reason for relieving her of her duties? My wife will become suspicious in to time. The foundation of my home is currently being threatened and a fatal crash is imminent.