Please Help! I Can’t Let go of My Lesbian Love Even After I Fell in Love with a Man…..Please What Should I do?
A woman is in a mess because she is not able to leave her lesbian lover after falling head over heels in love with a new man. She’s asking for help on the best way to let go her lesbian lover and focus on the man.

Dear Readers,
Please help me! My name is Rita*. I realise it’s wrong of me to tell him lies and then go and sleep with her, but I find it so hard to leave her behind.
She and I first got together at 18 during our first year at university. Back then I was nervous. I missed my parents and she was really good to me. She provided warmth and support and my first taste of s*x.
I was a virgin when I left home and very naïve. We shared a room and she taught me how good love could be. She coached me in the ways of oral s*x, touching and basic kissing.

She was my love coach and my mentor. We were known as a committed couple around campus and everyone looked up to us for being so proud and open.
But, just days into starting my first full-time job, I fell head over heels in love with a man – my current boyfriend. I tried to tell my female lover goodbye, but she wouldn’t have it. Since then I’ve been running between my two partners.
He knows nothing of her and she dismisses the idea of him out of hand. She keeps telling me that I’ll inevitably see sense and go back to her full-time in the end. But the truth is that I don’t want to.

Yes, we shared some great times, but I’m over her now. I just want to get on with my new life. The roles have reversed and she’s become needy and bitter and I feel responsible for her. The other night I tried to tell her that I won’t be seeing her again in the New Year and she simply talked over me.
Then she embarrassed me with a big present and now I feel absolutely terrible.
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