A s_ex video is doing the rounds at a Durban high school showing a 15 year-old girl having intercourse with as many as four boys in a classroom.
According to a Citizen newspaper report on Friday, 15 boys were arrested and five of them appeared at the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.
The other 10 were released into the custody of their parents because they are under age.
The arrests came after the video, which was allegedly taken by one of the boys involved, was seen and reported to the police by teachers on Thursday.
Bizarrely, the community is now divided into two groups on the matter, with one gunning for the teacher who apparently instigated the investigation, according to the report.
The group baying for the blood of the teacher includes parents and family members of the suspects.
A parent of one of the suspects told the newspaper that the girl willingly slept with the boys.
“The girl is known to be lose,” said the anonymous parent. “Why didn’t she scream for help?”
Source : Citizen