A 63-year-old man identified as Donald Johnson crashed into a van after being distracted by ‘Pamela Palm and her five daughters'(slang for mast_urbation).
Eyewitnesses saw him swerving along the road before slamming into another vehicle as he pleasured himself.
According to the Police, excitable Donald Johnson is alleged to have been driving down a road while mast_urbating his exposed pe_nis on Monday morning.
According to the reports, Johnson, was “physically distracted” while driving his Saturn Ion car around Martinez in Augusta, USA.
Witness Ricartia McBride told police she was driving along the same stretch of road as Johnson when she noticed him “swerving and driving recklessly “.
Ms McBride claims Johnson almost hit her “two or three” times and when she looked over for a final time she saw the driver had his gen_itals out.
He then slammed into the back of a Chevrolet Astro van – at which point police were called.
The police report, obtained by the Smoking Gun website, says: “The last time she (Ms McBride) looked over at Mr. Johnson, he had his pe_nis exposed outside of his pants and was physically mast_urbating.”
Johnson was arrested for public indecency and for following too closely.
He is currently in the Columbia County jail where he is being held on a bond of $11,200 (about 180 000 rand).
It is not the first time Johnson has been accused of such an act.
Court records show he was previously convicted of mastu_rbating behind the wheel in 2008.
Source:Uk Mirror