A recent announcement has confirmed that there are shortages of meat everywhere in South Africa due to the recent dry season we had.
A lot of farmers have lost their cattle due to lack of rain in the last couple of months. We actually have not had enough rain since summer started.
This drought did not hit South Africa alone, it also affected our neighboring countries; Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, and Mozambique. Meaning, we as a country cannot expect any assistance from them in terms of water and food supply since they are also affected.
In South Africa, the drought has kicked us and it has kicked us hard. We are now going for desperate measures. This has affected both crop and cattle farmers say. It will be costly to import meat from countries like Australia and USA at the moment due to the financial problems we have in the country, The rand is very low compared to the dollar.
As we speak, our reserves are running dry and the government had to come up with a solution.
That is why in a recent meeting that was held for the Japanese minister of internal affairs, the South African government was advised to consider selling dog, cat, and snake meat in butcheries, and otherwise the country will starve to death.

People are already eating in countries like Japan, China, Canada, Ghana, and Australia. We do not know how South Africa will receive it. We are just also waiting for the reaction of the people of South Africa.
We have had a chance to speak a very successful restaurant owner in one of the Joburg’s popular restaurant’s and he confirmed that they are considering the move as they are also running out of supplies.
“The meat is already being sold at selected stores and restaurant in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, kwa Zulu Natal and the Western Cape. We are just waiting for the government to give the go ahead that we can officially sell it. But I can guarantee you that it was already being sold during the festive season and people bought it in numbers. This was just a trial, it tastes a little more like and look like beef I can say. And tourists from other countries has been asking that we server it.” He said.
Those who have tried it say it will goes well with pap and gravy, or as stake, chops, maybe also with a little bit of peri-peri if you prefer it hot. There will be different dishes to choose from if you chose to order at a restaurant.
This issue was to be addressed at the next State of the nation address not too long from now, but it cannot wait until then since the country is in a state of emergency.
We also gave ourselves some time to interview people in the streets of Joburg to get their view on this issue and they showed to have mixed reviews, but most of them suspecting that they might have already eaten dog meat without knowing.
Source:Mango Vines Satire