Number one sports brand in the world Cristiano Ronaldo says he will like to go to Hollywood when he retires from football. In a recent interview, Cristiano, who turned 31 this month, said that he would be happy to begin with small roles and work to acquire acting skills, learning from professional actors
“I would not be a lead (actor), no,” he said. “I would do small roles. I like to learn, to be surrounded by good actors, but that is the only way you learn. It is an area we do not know much about, it has nothing to do with football, but I believe with some training I could make it there,” he said.
“I am sure that sooner or later I will be in a cast for a film, no doubt. But to play a small role to start, to pick up experience. Then to shine more in the future. I have the chance, thanks to God, to choose only what I like. I love the world of fashion, so it’s not strange I have my own line of shirts, boxer-shorts, perfume, headphones, and more things will come out soon. The Real Madrid superstar expressed delight at the growth of his CR7 brand and many other projects. I am happy as these projects are growing more and more. After football, I now have an idea what will do. Maybe my brand will keep growing in different areas shoes, trousers, films etcetera.”