It’s a boy! Congrats are in order for singer Zolani Mahola who welcomed her second baby on Sunday. The singer announced the happy news on her Instagram page, we have to say she makes the cutest babies ever.
Zolani had shared the previous week that she was ready to pop, she later revealed her pregnancy was 10 months. “After 10 months of growing from crumb to watermelon size, 41 weeks in the water-filled bubble; after 287 days floating in the rumbling womb we welcome the beloved child with gentle arms wide open”, she wrote.
She then shared her baby who’s barely a week old captioned with the sweetest poem. “For all the stories from the past about the untold damages that last. To all the living who are dead… It’s time to learn to raise your head. It’s not too late for love”. Sweet music and poems, lucky baby he is.
Congrats to Zolani and her family.